Youth Sports Quality Institute’s Blog: Primary Reasons Why Kids Drop-out of Community Sports Programs

Just completed the below article on the most significant reasons why kids quit playing sports and what leaders of youth sports programs can do to reduce drop-outs and attract more players!


Many adults who are actively involved in youth sports have heard the concerns expressed by youth sports organizations and other advocates about the current state of parent-operated youth sports leagues in US communities1. Most advocates share the belief that the serious deficiencies in these programs [1] are primarily a result of being organized and managed to fulfill the desires and ideals of the involved adults (i.e., winning games, elite player focus, etc.) instead of the needs and motives of most kids and [2] are the main reasons why far too many kids stop playing organized team sports at an early age.

“Every year more and more children are dropping out of sports – not because they don’t like to play – but because the system is failing them.”2

Youth Sports Quality Institute’s Blog.


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